What We Offer


While the useful information shared will benefit the wider arts community, the ARH’s focus is on arts freelancers, i.e. an individual who makes a living (e.g. earns income) from being a freelancer in the visual, literary and performing arts. This would include:

  • • Full-time freelancers in the arts (who may be sole proprietors)
  • • Part-time freelancers (i.e. employed in other capacities and who freelance in the arts on a part-time basis)
  • • People who go through phases in their careers as a freelancer and employee
  • • Arts students about to enter the arts workforce/industry

The ARH intends to fill the gap of support for freelancers, rather than duplicating existing provisions, such as grant-giving. While not exhaustive, the focus of our resources will be on cross-cutting needs of freelancers across art forms, which will complement what genre-specific support might already be available in the wider arts community.

As the needs of arts freelancers are diverse, the resources on this ARH digital platform are neither exhaustive nor an endorsement of any websites or programmes listed. Our intent is to help users make informed choices, based on their own priorities, about opportunities available and what to consider when seeking out insurance or legal support.

We welcome feedback on how this digital platform and other additional services can be improved by writing to us here.