We have put together a non-exhaustive listing of funding schemes that are available for you to apply to, with a focus on those supporting project creation and research, offered by public institutions.

National Arts Council

The Council offers a range of grants across different stages of art development. These range from the Seed Grant (to support the initial years of arts start-up operations) to the Creation Grant (to create, adapt or redevelop a Singapore-made artistic work), Production Grant (to produce, present and market) to the Presentation and Participation Grant (for music EP, publishing, events). There is also funding for Market and Audience Development, Capability Development, Research and Traditional Arts Repository. The Council further administers The Arts Fund, supported by the Tote Board.

Click here for an overview of NAC's project grants.

Visit for more information.

WeCare Arts Fund

A collaboration between the National Arts Council and the People’s Association, this fund is open to Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) to work with artists to develop interactive arts workshops customised for their beneficiaries. Artists who are interested to propose a project may write to

National Heritage Board

NHB offers various grant schemes for projects which are heritage related.

National Youth Council

NYC offers grant schemes for youth between the ages of 15 and 35, or those who are part of organisations working on projects targeted at youths.

Singapore International Foundation

SIF runs a partnership programme called Arts for Good Projects which brings together Singaporean artists and different sectors of society to create arts-based initiatives for social impact and intercultural understanding. If you have a project idea, you can write to

Asia Europe Foundation

ASEF lists various grants on their website from all over Asia and Europe.


On The Move

On The Move is a platform that directs you to various cross border mobility funding opportunities.

Singapore Press Holdings Foundation

SPH’s Arts Fund can be tapped on to purchase tickets to arts productions, to enable the underprivileged to enjoy and appreciate the arts.

Lee Foundation

A long-time supporter of national philanthropic movements, the Foundation supports the advancement of education and healthcare but also funds other philanthropic work including the arts.

Proposals can be sent to the Lee Foundation at 65 Chulia Street, #44-01, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513. Tel: 6535 405565.